Persistent and worsening skin problem leaves scars on the face that appears is terrible and alters the looks to an excellent deal. In South-East, Asia Rice has been used extensively for the removal of dark spots and skin problem scars quite effectively. Here area unit a number of the various ways in which during which you’ll be able to use rice to induce eliminate dark spots and skin problem scars.


Remove Skin Problem Scars, Dark Spots Quickly By Using Rice

Rice Flour + tea leaf + Honey

How To:

Take one cup of hot boiling water and dip one tea leaf bag in it.
Leave it for ten minutes so the nutrients of the tea bag get infused within the water.
Remove the tea bag and pour a pair of tbsp of tea water in an exceeding bowl.
Add a pair of tbsp of rice powder and one tbsp of fine quality honey to the bowl.
Mix all the ingredients.
Clean your face and take away accumulated dirt from the surface.
Apply the sleek paste on your face with facilitate of AN device brush.
Leave it for ten minutes.
Massage and scrub in an exceedingly circular motion for five minutes.
Rinse with water.
Use it daily till the dark spots and scars lighten then use 2-3 times each week till it disappears.
How it Works:

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Rice powder, honey, and tea leaf have with skin lightening, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties, severally, that stop the formation of skin problem and removes skin problem scars and dark spots from the face.

Rice Water

How To:

Take one or two of rice and soak it in water.
Make sure that the rice is immersed in water properly.
Leave it for half an hour.
Wash the rice among the water for many minutes.
Separate the rice and water.
We need the water for our purpose thus pours it in another bowl.
Rinse your face with heat water to open the pores.
Take a plant disease to dip it within the rice water and apply it on the face.
After five minutes repeat step eight.
Leave it to dry naturally.
After one hour rinse with normal/warm water and pat your skin dry.
Use it one time daily for desired results.
How it Works:

Rice water is astringent naturally and removes skin problem, acne scars, dark spots and redness on the skin.

Aloe Vera + Honey + Rice Powder + Rose Water

How To:

Get a single Aloe vera stick, peel off then take out its gel.
Place a pair of tbsp of Aloe vera gel in an exceeding glass bowl and add one tbsp of fine quality honey and a pair of tbsp of rice powder into it.
Mix all the ingredients swimmingly to create a fine paste.
Take some perfume between the palms of your hand and rub it gently.
Take a little of the paste between the palms and apply it on the face.
Massage for five-ten minutes so the nutrients run within the pores.
Rinse with perfume.
After five minutes rinse once more with cool water.
Use it each alternate day for best results.

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How it Works:

Aloe Vera has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, honey could be a substance and rice powder has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. All the ingredients management excess production and take away skin problem, the skin problem scars and dark spots from the face by cleanup and clearing away the clogged pores. perfume soothes and heals the skin and facilitate take away the blemishes.

Remove Skin Problem Scars, Dark Spots Quickly By Using Rice

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