Our skin is exposed to dirt and impurities the full day. Most folks wash and clean our face often. tea leaf has enough nutrients to form an excellent face scrub that may penetrate deep within the pores and take away the dead cells or accumulated dirt with success.

Green Tea + juice + Sugar Face Scrub

How To:

Take 2 tea leaf luggage and steep them during a predicament kettle with its lid closed for 10 to fifteen minutes.
Remove the tea leaf luggage and keep aside the liquid tea leaf.
We need this liquid and therefore permit it to chill down utterly at temperature.
Pour 2 tbsp of cooled tea leaf liquid during a glass bowl and add 2 tbsp of raw sugar and one tbsp of freshly squeezed juice to that.
Mix all the ingredients along.
Take a plant disease, dip it within the mixture and apply it on your face.
Massage and scrub for a couple of minutes gently together with your fingertips.
Leave it for 10 minutes.
Rinse it away with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.
How it Works:

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Green tea is a cleansing that seeps within the skin and removes injury caused by free radicals. It clears dirt and impurities from within the pores and skin surface effectively. juice may be a natural bleach with astringent properties that lightens sin tone and clears away clogged pores. Sugar acts as a cleansing exfoliant and helps to get rid of dead cells and impurities from the skin. All the ingredients create an exquisite face scrub.
Green Tea Bag + Raw White Sugar + Raw Organic Honey Face Scrub

How To:

Take 2 tea leaf luggage, cut it with a knife and scoop out its contents during a glass bowl.
Add 2 tbsp of raw white sugar and 3 tbsp of raw organic honey.
We need a thick paste of even consistency and if you’re feeling that the feel isn’t up to the mark you’ll add additional honey to that.
Apply this mixture on your face with the assistance of your fingertips.
Massage gently during a circular motion in order that it will work as an exfoliant.
Leave it to dry for fifteen minutes.
Scrub gently another time.
Rinse it away with cool water to shut down the pores.
Pat your skin dry and apply a couple of drops of your regular moisturizer.
How it Works:

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Green tea may be a marvelous natural ingredient that has tried to be an excellent facial scrub. it’s wealthy in inhibitor properties that stop injury caused by sun, removes wrinkles and contours, minimize age spots, shrinks enlarged pores and tightens the skin. It soothes the skin and removes dirt and impurities with success. White sugar is a cleansing exfoliant moreover as a matter that clears impurities from the clogged pores and skin surface and conjointly retains the wet content. Raw honey may be a hydrating agent that moisturizes the skin. All the ingredients create a decent scrub for the face.

Homemade recipes with a natural ingredient like tea leaf have tried to be an excellent exfoliator that removes dirt from skin swimmingly and creates the skin texture healthy. Prepare and apply one nowadays itself.

Green Tea Facial Scrub For Soft Spot 100% free Skin !

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