Healthy, soft and natural pink lips are each ladies dream. there’s little doubt to mention, natural rosy or pink lips are characteristic of a woman’s beauty and it conjointly attractiveness on man too. however, there are many folks have dark lips and that they need to lighten them.

There are several reasons behind their dark lips drawback like trend of smoking, sunlight, excessive use of caliber cosmetics, aversion, intense alcohol, change of state tobacco, health problem and weakness, weather and secretion imbalances.
If you wish to induce natural pink lips, you don’t purchase dearly-won product or treatments. I’m sharing with you the most effective and effective home remedy to form lighten your dark lips so that they become pink and engaging.

Here is the remedy to induce natural pink lips simply at your home.

Home Remedy for Pink Lips

Ingredients :

Honey – one tablespoon
Lemon Juice – two tablespoon

Instructions :

Take a jar and add one tbsp of honey and a pair of tbsp of juice in it.
Mix them well associated save into an empty bottle.
You apply this mixture directly on your lips from your finger; wash it off when half-hour.


Do this one or 2 time in a very day.

Using this remedy, you may get natural pink lips inside five to six days.

Important Notes

  • This remedy is effective for unsmooth lips too. when using this remedy your unsmooth lips drawback are solved inside one week.
  • You must drink additional water daily, it’ll smart for lips health and that they are stunning forever.
  • Smoking cigarettes and drinking an excessive amount of occasional conjoint explanation for dark lips should avoid them.
  • When you brush your teeth, you only apply coat your lips too.
  • When you ought to apply cosmetic, you simply use smart quality lipstick.
  • Avoid licking lips; it’s an explanation for the condition on your lips.
  • Stop biting your lips; it’s an explanation for unsmooth lips.
  • Remove your lipstick before sleep.

Discover Nourishing , Gentle And Natural Pink Lips Via This Remedy

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